DoubleList Review (2023) – Is The Double List Site Any Good For Hookups?

When use a free hookup service, I feel the frustration of passing through a revolving door. Many are afflicted by bots, catfishes, fakes, fraudsters, and promiscuous persons eager to go to any level to climax. Is the site Double List more of the same? My DoubleList app review seeks to handle that subject and others in the manner that it should be reviewed: through the eyes of a dating realist.

Is DoubleList truly a replacement for sites like Craigslist and Backpage?

Let’s find out.

Here is our full DoubleList Review.


Many folks have varied perceptions of what the site signifies when they Google Doublelist Review. Some believe it to be one of the finest Craigslist alternatives, while others consider it to be one of the best Backpage substitutes. Both questions have no clear answer. Because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of ads appearing in various big cities around the United States, Doublelist has the population of Craiglist. On the other side, the content of these posts looks to be fairly Backpage-like. Backpage users were forthright about their intentions on the site, whereas Doublelist app users appear to disguise their relations behind coded phrases owing to legal repercussions. If you mention sex in your post, it will be deleted and your account will be banned for life. It’s a different matter if you decide to attempt to swap sex for money. You could get yourself into legal trouble. On DoubleList, numerous individuals adopted coded language.


Someone was hunting for a key holder for a chastity belt. A chastity belt is a device used by BDSM enthusiasts who like to keep their genitals “locked away” until a key holder (dominant partner) authorises them to use them.

Looking for keyholder

I just noticed this post is about a male looking for a chastity belt keyholder. Doublelist app is the type of site where you need to read the content closely, and you need to be super aware of who you are talking to there.

Connect Now

Doublelist entertains the likes of every gender in every sexual-oriented partnership.

  • Male
  • Female
  • Couples
  • Transgender
  • Cross Dressers

Some internet hookup services, especially premium ones, make locating a threesome incredibly tough. You’ll need to persuade them. The fundamental demography of a double list, on the other hand, makes having a threesome easy. Check out the ‘Connect Now’ area for further information.

Guys for GirlsGay for Straight
Guys for GuysStraight for Gay
Girls for GirlsMales for Couples
Couples for HimCouples for Her

Surprisingly, TrustPilot and SiteGrabber both provide great ratings. You would not think a Double list review to be that excellent on a site largely concerned with sex! Many free hookup sites and top dating sites search for this difference, and I know for a fact that actual folks post evaluations on both sites, so they cannot be phoney. Most folks think Doublelist is greater than Craigslist. I agree with them, however I suppose is equal to Backpage but without all the sex trade things.

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