Crip Mac Net Worth

Crip Mac has a net worth of about $1 million. He is a well-known American rapper and entertainer hailing from California. On top of that, he is now one of the most well-known gang members and became renowned online. He is a rapper in addition to his more famous role as an interviewer.

Crip Mac

Although he has recently gotten a lot of support from the online community, his existence as a Crip in Los Angeles hasn’t been smooth. Crip Mac has seen it all: gang fights, street politics, a cat video go viral, and becoming a DP at the hands of his own buddies.

What is Crip Mac’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$1 Million
BornFebruary 20, 1993
CountryUnited States of America
Salary (Annual)$300 Thousand
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Crip Mac was born on February 20th, 1993, and nurtured in Los Angeles, California. He hasn’t published his actual name on social media. When he was young a youngster his mother opted to travel to Houston, Texas, to be with her new white companion.

After spending two or three years in Texas, Crip elected to return to LA to live with his aunt. He remained with his aunt for a little period and then immediately proceeded to go all throughout the city of LA. C-Mac also sought to work a job as a mechanic’s assistant.

But according to him he started hitting the Old English hard at this time and stopped going to work. Crip first stayed on 40th Street and later on 50th Street. At the age of 19, he migrated to 55th Street in Los Angeles and everything changed in his life.


After World War II finished, situations in the United States weren’t ideal. People were losing their jobs and property rates were going up since the war had been driving the economy. It was terrible for everyone, but the black community had it the hardest.

That’s when gang culture in America started. In 1969 Cripps was started in South Central by Stanly Tookie Williams. By 1978 there were already 45 sets in Los Angeles.

Back in the day, the PJ Watts Cripps teamed up with Bounty Hunter Bloods to go after the Grape Street crips. The Hoover Crips had differences with so many gangs, they ended up abandoning the Crip name totally and starting calling themselves the Hoover Criminals.

While living there Mac joined the local gang known as “Crip”. C-Mac showed a reporter that if you’re on 55th Street, you just have to go a couple of blocks over to be in Hoover country. Some guys like C-Mac hate rival Crip sets yet don’t have problems with the Hunter Bloods.

As of today, Crip Mac is perhaps the most famous 55 Crip in the world, and Mac had to earn that title. According to a few of interviews, he was beaten in an alley as a process of introduction.

C-Mac ain’t spoken about particular crimes or the charges he’s gotten, but he’s been in and out of jail multiple times throughout the years. He doesn’t speak much about the crimes he’s done on the streets.


As for music, it’s coming along slowly, he’s published a few music videos with titles like “Western Wiggle” and “Opp Goblin”. He’s also developing his name by performing several neighborhood concerts.

His fans isn’t exactly checking in for the music, they’d much rather have a video of him going back and forth with his granny. Even though he’s appeared in multiple YouTube videos with millions of views, he still has 22k weekly admirers on Spotify.

C-Mac blew up online for filming amusing clips and helping out his area. But underneath his loud and happy demeanor, he was masking a lot of the suffering he was going through. After being locked up in 2017 he opted to pursue rap more seriously.

Crip Mac began creating his first songs while he was in prison. For the first time when Mac went viral, he was still in prison. At the time, he composed a hate tune entitled “Cardi B” and then released it on YouTube.


He makes movies on whether to play with animals or offer food to Los Angeles’ homeless population or even scares his opps with repeated murder threats. He ended up being arrested again for having a gun.

Luckily he only spent a few months behind bars, and when he came out he introduced his clothing called “Rat Food Clothing”. 2021 was a great year for Crip Mac, he was sharing more songs, giving interviews, and gaining more fans every single day.

Then in November of that year, his fans rose even more when he appeared on the “Channel 5 News” YouTube channel. This station is known for talking quirky characters, thus C-Mac fits in beautifully.

C-Mac led the Channel 5 team to 55th Street and showed them around the neighborhood. This was the biggest chance for C-Mac yet. That film allowed him show off his wacky personality, as much as it focused on his attempts to serve the people in his neighborhood. At the end of 2021, C-Mac was on course to become a recognized online star.


Even though he was grieving through the loss, C-Mac preferred to concentrate on imparting positivity. Following the death of his buddy Crip Mac started shooting and distributing clips on social media, many of them showing his cats.

C-Mac went on to the “No Jumper podcast” to explain the issue. According to him, he had to face seven 55 Cripps as punishment. Then only a few of weeks later C-Mac ended up being arrested again. The charges were apparently tied to narcotics and firearms, but no facts have been verified.

Personal Life

His clips showed off his particular personality and he instantly earned a considerable following online. As he gained more renowned other men started dissing him on social media. One of the main battles he had was with a reputed Hoover member an artist named Jap5. Jap called Mac out for being a phony.

According to a series of videos shown by the Jap5, Mac wasn’t really into the street life like he pretended to be. Mac took notice and agreed to take Jap5 on one on one. But Jap turned that down. Instead, he released a diss music from after titled “Activated”. This War likely would have gone further too but then Jap5 was captured on a murder allegation.

But Jap5 wasn’t the only guy C-Mac wanted to fight. C-Mac has been beefing with rapper Blueface on social media for a while. Throughout 2020 and 2021 Mac continued to often contribute stuff to his social media sites.

In a March 2021 vlog, Crip Mac stated that he had been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. He told his fans he was diagnosed when he was a child, and he’s been battling with his mental health his entire life.

Paranoia is one of the primary symptoms of his condition that Crip has battled with. While getting renowned has given him more possibilities, it’s also made his mental health worse in some areas.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Crip Mac’s Net Worth is predicted to be approximately $1 Million. He has the perfect chance to make it out of the streets with his social media presence and songs. He gained most of his income from the music industry being a rapper. The majority of his money comes from streaming platforms such as Spotify.

Crip Mac Net Worth

Moreover, Cip is also renowned for his stunning interviews which also assist to his wealth. He adds that he takes between $800 and $1000 for an interview. In 2021 Crip tried his hand in the business arena by starting his clothes line dubbed as “Ratfood”.

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