Kite (Hunter x Hunter) – Kite (hxh)

Kite (Hunter x Hunter) was a Hunter and Ging Freecss’ ( Gon) student who was reborn as a Chimera Ant after his death. He was called Reina later on.
Kite is the first character which is shown in manga. He also named as “Kcyytt”in one of card collection. Nickname of Kite was probably “Ngig” in games.

Kite ( Hunter x Hunter)
Full NameKite
Reina(called by Colt)
GenderMale as Human
Female as Chimera Ant
StateDied as a Human
Alive as a Chimera Ant
OccupationGing Freecss’ ( Gon) student (Previous)
Mentor of Amateur Hunters(Present)
RelativesThe Queen (Mother) as Chimera Ant
Nickname Kcyytt & Ngig

Appearance of Kite (Hunter x Hunter)

Following characteristics are the character of Kite (hxh):

  • Tall and slender man
  • Thin body
  • flowing white hair with the longer locks reaching his knees
  • Triangle-shaped face
  • Hooked nose
  • Pointy chin
  • Roundish- almond eyes
  • Light blue peaked cap
  • Long sleeves white shirt
  • Azure sash wound about his waist
  • Black trousers
  • Brown shoes
Kite ( Hunter x Hunter)

In the 1999, Kite (Hunter x Hunter) character was represented after some changes. These changes are:

  • Dark colored thin almond eyes
  • Brown hair
  • Mascular physique
  • Purple peaked cap
  • Long sleeved shirt
  • Black trousers
  • Black shoes

Character as Chimera Ant is given below:

  • Girl with lang and red hair
  • Purple eyes
  • Black leather suit and pants
  • Freckles covering her face
Kite ( Hunter x Hunter)

Personality of Kite

Kite is a bold, blunt character who always shows his rudeness. In some point of view, he is very cold- hearted. His ignorance resulted to the death of Foxbear.
Kite was an energetic child who was playing with toys and swords. He was Meruem’s sibling. They became mature after a few days. Then they helped both Koala and Gon.

Equipment of Kite (hxh)

In the beginning, Kite used a long and curved katana as a weapon. Then he met Gon, the best trainer. He used katana to kill the foxbear while it attacked.

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