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Subhadra Kumari Chauhan is an Indian poetess and also a freedom fighter. She was born in Uttar Pradesh, India on 16th August 1904 and known as motivational poetess of India due to her inspiring and emotional poems written during the British Rule in Sub-Cotenant. Her most famous and emotional composition is “Jhansi ki Rani” which is the most recited and sung poem in Hindi literature. “Jallianwala Bagh Mien Vasant, Rakhi ki Chunauti and Vida” are Subhadra’s best poems which inspired and motivated the young generation of India to get participate in Indian Freedom Movement and she has written many poems for the children and short stories on the life of middle class like Hingwala.


Full NameSubhadra Kumari Chauhan
Nick NameKumari

Personal Life

Date of Birth16 August 1904
Date of Demise15 February 1948
Birth PlaceNihalpur Village, Uttar Pradesh


  • Husband : Thakur Lakshaman Singh Chauhan
  • Children :
    • Sudha Chauhan
    • Mamta Chauhan
    • Vijay Chauhan
    • Ajay Chauhan
    • Ashok Chauhan


  • Khilonewala
  • Tridhara
  • Mukul
  • Yeh Kadamb Ka Ped
  • Seedhe Saade Chitra
  • Mera Naya Bachpan
  • Bikhare Moti
  • Jhansi Ki Rani


  • Hingwala


  • Subhadra Kumari was not only a poetess, she was also a freedom fighter.
  • She got married at the age of 16 with Thakur Lakshman Singh Chauhan and have five children.
  • She joined Mahatma Gandhi’s Non-Cooperation Movement with her Husband Chauhan in 1921 and also jailed twice due to her involvement in protests against the British.
  • Her most famous poem is Jhansi Ki Rani and still include as a lesson in Hindi Literature .
Jhansi Ki Rani by Subhadra Kumari
  • Subhadra was also a motivational story writer as she wrote many stories on the life of middle class.
  • Subhadra Kkumari Chohan was also a member of Legislative Assembly of Central Province.
  • She was died in a car accident in 1948, when she was on her way after attending the assembly session.
  • A statue of Subhadra Kumari Chauhan is placed in Jabalpur by The Government of Madhya Pardesh.
Statue of Subhadra Kumari Chauhan

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