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Priyanka Mongia, a rising star in the world of social media and content creation, embodies the essence of modern-day versatility and talent. Born on June 27, 1998, in New Delhi, India, Priyanka journey to fame is a testament to her innate creativity and dedication. From her humble beginnings, she has captivated audiences with her engaging content across various platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Priyanka infectious energy, combined with her passion for music, dance, and comedy, has garnered her a massive following and established her as a prominent influencer. Let’s delve into the life and career of this multifaceted personality, exploring the milestones that have defined her remarkable journey in the digital realm.

Priyanka Mongia Bio/ Wiki

Full NamePriyanka Mongia
Nick NamePiyanka, Priyanka
Occupation/ProfessionIndian Youtube, Tik Tok influencer, Model
Date of Birth (DOB)27-09-1997
Age (as in 2020)23
Birth PlaceJalandhar Punjab, India
Zodiac signVirgo

Priyanka Mongia Family

Priyanka Mongia family background is not widely available. She has not shared many details about her family members publicly, preferring to keep her personal life private. While specific information about her parents, siblings, or other relatives is not known, it’s clear from her social media presence that Priyanka shares a close bond with her family. She often expresses gratitude for their support and encouragement in her career as a content creator.

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Priyanka Mongia Husband/Boyfriend

Priyanka Mongia has not publicly disclosed any information about her relationship status or romantic partners. She tends to keep her personal life private, focusing more on her career and content creation. Any information regarding her current relationship status would need to be verified through recent and reliable sources.

Priyanka Mongia Early Life

Priyanka Mongia was born on June 27, 1998, in New Delhi, India. From a young age, she showed a keen interest in music, dance, and entertainment. Growing up, Priyanka actively participated in school events and cultural activities, showcasing her talent and passion for performing arts. Her early exposure to the world of creativity and expression laid the foundation for her future endeavors in the digital realm. Priyanka journey from her formative years in New Delhi to becoming a prominent social media influencer is a testament to her dedication, talent, and unwavering commitment to her craft.

Priyanka Mongia Carrier

Priyanka Mongia career began to flourish with the rise of social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. She started creating and sharing content that resonated with audiences, showcasing her talent for music, dance, and comedy. Priyanka ability to connect with her followers through her engaging content led to a rapid increase in her popularity and online presence. She diversified her content to include a wide range of genres, from entertaining skits to informative videos, which further solidified her status as a versatile content creator. Priyanka career highlights include collaborations with various brands and artists, as well as the creation of her music and dance videos, which have garnered millions of views and garnered her a loyal fan base. Her journey in the digital space continues to evolve, showcasing her creativity and passion for entertaining audiences worldwide.

Priyanka Mongia Physical Stats

Priyanka Mongia is approximately 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) tall and weighs around 50 kg (110 lbs). She has a slim and fit physique, which she maintains through a combination of regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. While specific details about her physical measurements may not be readily available, Priyanka’s social media presence often showcases her fashionable outfits and stylish looks. Please note that physical attributes can change over time, so for the most current information, it’s best to refer to recent sources or updates from Priyanka herself.

Priyanka Mongia Favorite things

Favorite food  Indian food, Pizza, Burger, Chinese food, Thai food, Chinese food, Chocolate
Favorite actor:Amitabh Bachchan,  Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan
Favorite actressPriyanka Chopra, Kaitrina Kaif, Kajol
Favorite Singer  Lata Mangeshkar, Bashah, Arijit Singh
Favorite film/TV Show  Hum Saath Saath Hai, PK
Favorite color  Red, Pink, Black, White
Favorite SportCricket

Priyanka Mongia Personal Life

Priyanka Mongia prefers to keep her personal life private and has not shared many details about it publicly. She is known for her focus on her career as a content creator and tends to keep a low profile when it comes to her personal life. Priyanka has mentioned in interviews that she is close to her family and values their support immensely. Beyond this, she has not disclosed much about her personal life, including her interests, hobbies, or relationships.

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