Darren Benitez Death Hawaii

Darren Benitez Death Hawaii

The sad incident of Darren Benitez Death was occured on Friday, August 11, 2023 in Hawaii. He was 57 years old. Amy Hanaialii confirmed the news of death of Darren Benitez in his Facebook post. Singer’s death left many questions. Some people on social media said that Darren Benitez had been murdered during an attempt of rubbery whereas some people mentioned other reasons for his death.
The famous music albums of Darren Benitez are “Heart Broken”, ” Mother of the Sea” and “Dear Mama”. He won Na Hoku Hanohano award.
Full name of Darren Benitez is Clifford Darren Benitez who is a falsetto singer. Most of the family of Darren like music and love to sing songs. His mother Betty Ann Yray and his sister Sheryl Sanchez McKeague were also singers and a part of his family’s musical lineage. Darren’s uncle Stan Washington sings with him at the Merry Monarch Festival. His cousins are also singers and their name are Laura Benitez Bloom, Darrell Bloom, Cloryssa Ann Richbow, Yolanda Bottomley and Duane Kakakanui.

Early Life of Darren Benitez

Darren was born in 1966. His birth place was Halawa, Hawaii. Her mother brought him up without his father. His mother’s name is Betty Ann Yray. He loved his mother very much. He wrote and dedicated many of his songs to his mother. His mother was died due to cancer. Darren Benitez completed his graduation from Waianae High School in 1983. Darren also participated in sports and martial arts during his education.

Darren Benitez Death Hawaii

Career & Professional Life

Darren Benitez started his music career from his famous music album “Broken Hearts” in 1995. It won the Na Hoku Hanohano award.
Benitez released his second music album “Mother of the Sea” in 1998. His last album was released in 2008. Darren Benitez has to perform on Friday night at the Moonlight Mele event at Bishop museum but he found dead on Friday night.
Darren was a singer, musician, songwriter and producer. He wrote many song for himself and for others. Now Darren Benitez has become the inspiration to the many new singers and musicians.

Death of Darren Benitez Hawaii

On August 11, 2023, report of Darren Benitez’s death was firstly reported by Darren’s neighbor who informed the police about movements of different people in his apartment. Police came and started investigating the death of the singer. According to investigations, police told that somebody had killed Darren during an attempt of rubbery. Other aspects of his death are also under investigation yet. Police did not give its final decision early due to the sensitivity of the case.

Death of Darren Benitez has saddened the music community as he was a famous falsetto singer of Hawaii. He is one of the finest singer of his region. Many people paid tribute to him on social media as well as on electronic media and remembered his greatest contributions to the music industry. Darren Benitez’s popular songs are:

  • Nani Wale Ka Lau Oliva
  • Mother of the Sea
  • Broken Hearts
  • Dear Mama
  • Ku’uipo Onaona
  • He Aloha No O Honolulu
  • Ka Uluwehi O ke kai
  • Kaulana Na Pua
  • Lei Pikake
  • Pua Lilia

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