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Alex Warren is a famous YouTuber and he posts comedy content on his channel. However, you may have also known him as a singer, musician as well as a tiktoker. He has uploaded his songs on many streaming platforms. Well, he is a lot more than that! He is also known as an Instagram influencer and an entrepreneur. At such a young age, Alex has gained a lot of fame.

Alex Warren

Many people are fond of his singing and music while others like to watch his comedy videos. It does not matter which side of his talent you want to see, you will surely have fun watching him. From his personality to singing, he has everything to entertain people. Let’s check out different things about this popular YouTuber.

Alex Warren Age And Bio

Alex Warren is 23 years old. He is a Virgo as he was born on 18 September, 2000. His place of birth is California, USA so you can say he is a pure American. People across the globe know him as Alex Warren but his real name is Alex Hughes. He is a Christian and has white ethnicity.

When it comes to Alex’s study then we do not have any information. However, we only know that he has studied in Reputed American College.

Alex is not just a taker but a giver as well. Helping people in need is always his first priority. Many people do not know that Alex had a hole in his intestine when he was only 5 years old. He was admitted to St.Judes children’s hospital where he got rid of this problem. Since then, he decided to give charity to this hospital whenever it is possible for him.

Alex Warren Family

Alex Warren is not so introverted about his family. However, he faced many issues when he was a child. When he was only 6 years old, his father left this world forever. His father’s name was Mr.Hughes and he died because of cancer.

On the other hand, his mother Mrs.Hughes died in October 2021 due to liver and renal failure. Alex was quite heart-broken and he was in the depth of sorrows. Thus, he posted a status about his mother that his mother will be resting in peace beside his father now. This status touched the hearts of many people and everyone consoled him over the web.


Alex is the youngest child of his parents. He has 2 big sisters and 1 brother; each sibling has supported him morally and financially until he started earning on his own. His sisters name are Lauren Hughes and Ashley Hughes while his brother’s name is Grant Hughes. His brother Grant is an American army officer. We do not have any information about his sisters’ profession yet.

Alex Warren Personal Life And Affairs


At present, Alex is dating a famous social media star known as Kouvr Annon. Kouvr is also earning a lot from her social media presence. However, both of them are dating each other since 2019. You may have seen Kouvr in the YouTube videos of Alex. Moreover, they love to explore different places together. Alex posts a lot of images of Kouvr on his Instagram account.

Alex Warren Height And Weight

Alex has a good height and weight. He has a height of around 5 feet and 7 inches. When it comes to his weight then it is around 64 KG. The hair color of this young boy is blonde. He likes to keep short hair. The color of his eyes is gray. Moreover, he is fond of tattoos so you will see many tattoos on his arms and behind the ears.

Alex Warren Career

Alex has earned a lot of achievements because of his work. He has 2.63M subscribers on his Youtube account. There are a total of 264 videos present on his YouTube channel till date. He has millions of views on each of his music videos. On his Instagram handle, he has around 2.1M followers and 604 posts till date.

However, in the beginning, Alex was a part of Hype House which was a big group of TikTok. He has 816 million likes and 14.7 million fans on his TikTok account. With time, this young boy is grabbing more and more followers and likes.

In 2021, Alex went to the singing world and launched his first song in June. The name of the song was “One More I Love You”. This song became a huge hit and generated many followers for him. However, Alex Warren prefers to sing alone and does not want to be a part of any group. Moreover, he is a dancer and likes electronic songs.

Alex wanted to become a comedian since childhood. He always wanted to make people happy due to which he has chosen this profession. Therefore, he makes funny videos to make people happy and put a smile on their faces. This ability makes him stand apart from others as many YouTubers do not think about it! Alex really is a good guy!

In an interview, Alex mentioned that he likes to focus on one thing at a time. In this way, it is easy for him to handle the pressure of different tasks. There are many YouTubers who are afraid of putting videos on a daily basis but Alex is not one of them. Alex stated that it is easy for him to post videos on a daily basis.

Alex Warren Net Worth

After knowing details about his career, you can easily come to know that his net worth would be great. Alex Warren earns a lot of money and likes to spend them too. He is fond of spending a lot on luxurious items and lives a lavish life.

However, his net worth is increasing day by day but you can say that he is earning around 7M USD. He is generating income not just from social media platforms but also from business, advertisements and sponsorships. This is definitely just the beginning as Alex has just started.


  • ·         Alex Warren is a celebrity for sure but he is also a foodie. He likes to taste everything that looks nice and tastes delicious.
  • ·         Only a few people know that his favorite pastime is to cook and eat Maggi.
  • ·         Alex’s mother became alcoholic after his father’s death. She could not get rid of alcohol till her last breath.
  • ·         Alex likes skating and surfing. These two things have been his passion since childhood.
  • ·         He is an animal lover but his favorite animal is a cat. You may have seen many pictures of him on different platforms.
alex warren with animals
  • ·         There are many tattoos present on his arms and behind the ears.
  • ·         Alex likes to purchase luxurious items and expensive clothes.

·         Alex does not like vegetables much so you can say he is a non-vegetarian.

·         No doubt, Alex is a great content creator but some people accused him of copying content from another famous YouTuber known as David Dobrik. However, he mentioned in an interview that he never copied anything from anyone; his content is unique and genuine.

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